Welcome to Video Game Heaven.

Looking for that rare game no one else in the area has, come visit Video Game Heaven and give us a challenge. If we do not have we can usually find it. We have a wide range of rare games in the store itself and quite a bit more in our Ebay store. From uncommon to ultra rare, you name it we will carry it.

I, the owner, have personally played over 3000 games  and have owned in my personal collection over 4000 games at one time. I decided to give up some of that collection and share it with the world, hence Video Game Heaven was born.  I vow as a business man and collector myself, to never rip anyone off, to always give the best deal I can afford to, and be your friend first, not just a guy behind the counter.  Video Game Heaven is a locally owned and operated business and I strive to have the best reputation possible.  I personally guarantee any and all product that we sale.

We hope to see you here at the store soon. If you can’t make it to the store, we can ship directly to you. Just contact me and we will make it happen. Thank you for checking us out. Come become part of the Video Game Heaven family.